Friday, February 29, 2008

Simply Circles

Sometimes the most elegant and classic pieces of jewelry are quite simple in design. These gorgeous circle themed pieces have a timeless look that will always be in style. Perhaps circles attract us by their symbolic nature. Circles represent infinity and our need to go on and on. See these pieces and more in the etsy shop of mooretaste.

Moore Taste

Today I am featuring the shop of mooretaste. Please read her bio below and don't forget to take a look at her blog.

"Hi, I'm Toni Moore (also known as Toni Geary), I have always loved jewellery so making it really satisfies a passion that I've had for many years.I am a work at home mum of 2 small children so my days are very full.My aim is to create unique and beautiful jewellery items that you will love for many years."

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Origin of the Name Dragonfly

Many of us are fascinated by dragonflies. I thought it might be interesting to discover the origin of the name of this delicate insect. The name came from a Romanian folktale about a St. George's horse that was turned into a giant fly by the devil. Apparently the Romanians referred to this horse as Devil's Horse or Devil's Fly. The Romanian translation for devil is "drac" which also means dragon. The theory is that when translated to English the word evolved to dragonfly.

Nonetheless, this much beloved insect is a favorite of many people. Jonquil of Thumelinacreations has created some lovely jewelry pieces with dragonflies. as you can see. Pay a visit to her store and her blog for some lovely jewelry pieces.

Thumbelina Creations

Please stop by to visit the charming shop of Thumbelina Creations. You can read her bio below:

"Jonquil Thiessen is a stay-at-home mom of three boys who loves to be creative in many different ways. She loves to sing, knit, crochet, draw, scrapbook, write music, and make jewelry. She would feel lost if she wasn't able to be creative.She started young, singing in church and at weddings at three years old. Music and art have always been her passion. She took art classes and music lessons all through school and college. During college, she met her husband, Keith. They have been married for almost ten years. He also enjoys music and encourages her to further her interests. (Or maybe he justs puts up with it.)He does say sometimes that she has too many hobbies.Jonquil's favorite medium is ... well ... It's hard to pick a favorite. She likes jewelry, but is considering opening a knitting store as well.She has tried to pass on her passion to her boys, but as you may know, little boys do not have a long attention span. Some of the boys are off to school know, so she has a little more time to focus on her art.Her main priority is her family. Etsy has become a valuable method of continuing with her art and still being able to love and take care of her family."

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

March is Aquamarine

March's birthstone is one of my favorites. Aquamarine derived its name from the Roman words Aqua and Mare , water and sea. When you look at the beautiful blue green color of aquamarine stones, you can understand why they chose this name. The Romans felt that the aquamarine stone when mixed with water had great healing qualities and used it to treat illnesses of the heart,mouth ,throat and liver. It was said that this was the stone of Neptune, God of the sea, and was worn by the ancient sailors for protection. It is easy to understand why this stone is still worn as a symbol of beauty and protection today. Here are some aqua pieces that the Romans truly admire.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Coming Soon!

I am very excited to share these photos of the gorgeous gemstones I recently purchased. I have been admiring green amethyst and appetite for quite some time now and I am thrilled with the new stones in my collection. I will be making necklaces,bracelets and earrings with these stones very soon so stay tuned for some one-of-a-kind artisan pieces in gold and silver that will knock your socks off!

Love and Roses

What better way is there to say " I Love You" than a gift of roses? Belladio has a collection of rose jewelry in her etsy shop that just may be the perfect way to say I love you to that special person in your life. Please take a look at Belledio's art of roses series and the other lovely pieces in her shop. Don't forget to take a peek at Belladio's blog too.

Bella Dio

Today I am featuring the shop of Belladio who does jewelry design. This is what she has to say about her work:

"I am a SAHM and I started making jewelry years ago. My friend and I would get together and bead, while our little ones napped. Two years ago, I started playing with polymer clay and I really enjoy the opportunities this opened up to me. I slowly started adding in twisted, bent and curled wire to my designs. I am always looking to expand beyond where I am. I have been messing around with resin, soldering and vintage pieces."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Treat Yourself On Valentine's Day

Now is your chance to treat yourself on Valentine's Day. The etsy shop of A Little Brown Bird has some lovely pieces for you to consider. The two show here happen to be my personal favorites, but the shop has many items that are sure to please.

The Little Brown Bird

Hi! My name is Mary Ryan. I am an Interior Design Consultant by day and a Jewelry Artist every other waking moment.My art is not limited to any one medium. I love photography, writing, painting, singing, acting...I could go on and on. Still, my love for all things shiny keeps me happily engrossed in jewelry design. I prefer to use semiprecious stones or interesting glass beads in my work and love to pair them with sterling and .999 Fine Silver, yet I will not overlook the aesthetic value of a beautiful bead or found object simply because it is a base metal. My style is ever changing and evolving. As a result, you will find a little bit of everything in my work. I don't believe in stifling my creative energy and will try my hand at just about anything.I have a variety of collections to complement any style and price point for young girls to women. I will happily accept orders for custom sizing or a change in clasp or ear post/wire on any of my pieces. My work has been featured on-line and at local boutiques. I welcome inquiries for wholesale opportunities at boutiques and galleries. Please contact me for details.You are welcome to visit these other sites to view additional items not seen in my shop. Blog~

Monday, February 11, 2008

Painting on Silk

These scarves are some of the beautiful pieces of work that Gilbea has in her etsy shop. The scarf just below is a scarflette that can be worn around the neck, on a purse, or in your hair. Gilbea will be adding many new items to her gorgeous collection such as silk bags, shirts, headbands. You can also check her blog for photos of other wonderful handpainted silk items.


Today's feature is on etsy shop Gilbea. This is what the artist has to say about herself.

"I used to be a watercolors painter, but a few years ago I discovered silk painting, and now I'm hooked to it!!! For a few years I have been seriously working on silk fabrics, making all kind of different stuff, from silk paintings that hang from the walls to silk scarves or brooches and t-shirts.Right now I'm experimenting with new things for this next season: Spring/Summer 2008. Silk bags, shirts, headbands, and a big etcetera. Come back again in a few months to see my new creations!For more information visit my website:"

Thursday, February 7, 2008

February's Birthstone Amethyst

See these pieces and others on my website. All my jewelry is one-of-a-kind, but I am happy to custom design for you if you admire a piece that has already sold.

This is the month of the amethyst. The history and mythology behind the stone will help explain its popularity throughout the ages. Ancient Greeks believed this stone had many powers, including warding off intoxication. The stone was associated with the god of wine. Wine was often seved in amethyst goblets to protect against drunkeness. Today this stone is proported to protect against addictive behaviors and to help overcome dificulties.. Amethyst has also been associated with royalty because of its intense hues. Purple dye was quite costly to make due to its scarcity and therefore worn by queens and kings who were among the few who could afford to purchase the dye for their garments. At one time, amethyst was more valuable than diamonds!

First Signs of Spring

This darling tote bag by Morelle is the perfect bag for spring. The neutral colors and flowers will enhance any outfit and hold all your necessary items. Check out Morelle's etsy shop for a great selection of bags and if you don't need a bag, the adorable oven mitts below will certainly bring springtime into your home. Don't forget to take a look at her blog too.


Today's feature artist is Morelle. Please read her bio:

"I'm a 26 year old girl living in Amsterdam. I have a passion for creating and designing things with fabrics, wool and whatever I can get my hands on. I believe that you don't need to buy expensive accessories to decorate your life. With cheap and everyday materials and with a little imagination anyone can create beautiful things!"

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jewelry of the Month Club

I have received fruit and flowers each month, but never jewelry. What a great way to put a smile on someone's face. Luckygirltrading has a number of jewelry of the month offerings in her lovely shop as well as many dichroic glass pendants and the pretty chain you see in this post. Take a look at her shop and her blog.

Lucky Girl Trading

Today I am featuring the etsy shop of Lucygirltrading. Please read the owner's bio below:

"In the spring of 2001 I was overwhelmed by sadness and huge piles of clutter. My marriage was in the midst of a very ugly ending, and he had left tons of his stuff behind. I suddenly realized that I was a very lucky girl to be rid of him, and Lucky Girl Trading Company was born. I began listing his stuff for sale on eBay, clearing away both the clutter and the sadness. A few years later I met my lucky guy--who was selling a bit of jewelry--and married him in a hot air balloon ceremony in 2006. We've worked together to build Lucky Girl Trading into a fun and fulfilling enterprise. I've also discovered working with glass--one of my all-time favorite creative outlets. I've also discovered two ancient arts: Kumihimo and Temari. Both are centuries-old crafts, and both give me a zen-like tranquility while working. I truly am a Lucky Girl! Every day I gather pretty, sparkly things and send them to people. I imagine a person opening their mail and taking out their new pendant or chain or pouch. It's perfect--they have a huge smile on their face--and so do I. I'd love for that person to be you!Be my friend on MySpace"
Make Every Day Your Lucky Day (my blog)