Friday, February 29, 2008

Simply Circles

Sometimes the most elegant and classic pieces of jewelry are quite simple in design. These gorgeous circle themed pieces have a timeless look that will always be in style. Perhaps circles attract us by their symbolic nature. Circles represent infinity and our need to go on and on. See these pieces and more in the etsy shop of mooretaste.


Toni said...

thanks so much for featuring me on your blog

I love your etsy store by the way

Dina Cuomo said...

your welcome Toni
It was fun seeing you in the chat room.

MyArtInProgress said...

I agree, that jewelry is just beautiful. The simplicity of the circle just does wonders.

Julie Zbeetnoff said...

Jewelry is such a fine art. It must be challenging as a designer to maitain simplicity without sacrificing style. I love this hoop necklace.

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Contrariwise said...

Beautiful feature.

I especially admire the earrings because I've been dying to learn that technique.

Maybe someday.