Friday, September 26, 2008

Belly Dancers Delight

Have you ever tried belly dancing or wished that you had? Well, your golden opportunity has arrived. Belly dancing is one of the oldest dance forms in world history. There are many theories on how and where it began although none of them have enough evidence to be claimed as fact. This dance form was widely practiced in Asia, the middle east and Africa. As an exotic and sensual art form, the belly dancers costume, or bedlah, is part of the experience. You can find lovely costumes for dancing and or practicing at the etsy shop . Here you see some that caught my eye. Think of the wonderful exercise belly dancing provides!

I've been to England to Visit to the Queen

Today I was fortunate enough to visit the lovely shop of who welcomes you to her etsy shop with these words.

"Welcome to the world of The Queens's Royal Rocks! Here you will find glamorous glitz, pearls from the sea, stones from the earth and vintage pieces from times gone by. Mix all these up and you have found what I am all about.I hope that you will find something that your adore but if not then it would be my absolute pleasure to create something for you. Nothing is too much trouble, I scour the many antique fairs we have here in Kent and try to find beautiful unusual components to make each piece of jewellery unique to YOU! You will never find another lke it in the whole wide world, that's worth having don't you think?Please do contact me, I am a very friendly person, and love to chat, so what are you waiting for? xxx"

Here some items that are truly fit for a queen.