Thursday, January 10, 2008

Let Sleeping Gypsies Lie

What makes this unusual tapestry so interesting is that it is beaded . It is made with over 30,000 delica seed beads. The time that went into this piece makes it an incredible buy. Please take a look at this piece and onethousandhills other amazing beaded pieces in her etsy shop.
Don't forget to take a long at her blog too.

On a Thousand Hills

Today's feature is on the etsy shop onethousand hills. Pleae read the artisit's bio below.

"My name is Cheryl, and I love the outdoors! I also love playing with my beads and seeing what I can come up with to make.I can't remember how old I was when I first did any crafts, but I know it was pretty young. I went to a vocational high school and took 4 years of Clothing Shop there. I have always done a bit of different crafting hobbies, but found beads in a serious way about 5 years ago. My daughter was given a bead kit for recuperating after surgery, but wasn't very interested in it. I took it over and took off with my beading. I've had to put them on the back burner at times, when homeschooling and work got in the way. Now I am dedicating more time to be able to learn and grow in this art form. Yes, it IS an art form.God's creation is one of my favorite themes for my work, and I think everyone would have to agree how wonderful nature is."