Saturday, October 4, 2008

Poetry in Motion

I have just had the most pleasant visit to the shop of Jennifer Gordon, writer and mixed media artist. Her beautiful work is for sale on etsy at where you will find original works of art , prints, illustrations, journals, cards, mirrors and jewelry. Her prints have an ethereal look about them , many featuring women who appear to be lost in deep thought. It was hard to choose the photos I wanted to feature here because I liked them all. I chose Amelia as one of them because she was a woman I greatly admire. These beautiful works of art are truly poetry in motion.

Origami Art

The etymology of the word origami comes from "oru" meaning folding and "kami" which means paper. This amazing art form originated early in Japan's history with Samurai warriors exchanging folded paper gifts to express good wishes and with origami butterflies that were used in wedding celebrations to represent the bride and groom. The etsy shop of has adorable origami people called "meekiyua" that the artist uses to adorn tags, door hangers, stationary,dolls, and totes. I chose a couple of my favorites to show you, but please visit this delightful shop to read about "meekiyua" and the history behind these wonderful little people.