Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Grandmother's Gift

The three owners of Lazy Cat have something in common. Their grandmothers taught them how to crochet. Allison, Kelly and Stasia have used this wonderful skill to create the pieces you see here as well as well as many other beautiful, handmade scarves, hats, and intricate necklaces. The results are amazing. Please take a look at their wonderful etsy shop and get your checkbooks ready!

Lazy Cat

Today I am featuring the shop of Lazy Cat which is the collaborative effort of three good friends. Please read about Allison, Kelly and Stasia in their profile below.

" Lazycat's profile is still under construction, but here's some info to get you started!Customer service and shipping information can be found below.Lazy Cat Gifts was created by three friends in Ann Arbor, MI. Two of them were in medical school at the University of Michigan and the third worked in a laboratory there. All of us had grandmothers who crocheted, however Kelly was the only one who had really learned well. She "retaught" the rest of us how to do it, and after honing our skills for several years making many gifts for many family members and friends, we decided to try to sell some of our creations! We had a good start at a local craft show and found Etsy.com while searching for a gentle way to beginning selling online. (Plus, Etsy comes with the bonus of a great community of artists!) Etsy is also great for us, because Kelly has moved to Philadelphia, while Allison and Stasia still live in Ann Arbor. However, we keep in touch every day!We enjoy using the skills from our grandmothers to create wonderfully hip and modern pieces. We crochet in both yarn and wire, creating jewelry, scarves, hats, etc. We are constantly looking for ways to expand crochet, and we love making custom items!We are updating our store all the time, so please check back often to see what new goodies have appeared!Currently, we are featuring Kelly's mom's items in "Ruth Ellen's Creations" as she is unable to make her own website, so please check out her beautiful quilts and tasty dog treats. NOTE: Tasty dog treats are currently out of stock for the summer months. They will return in the fall. If your doggie is desperate for some more, please send us a convo/message, and we'll see what we can do.Read more about our cats and our store on our blog:" http://lazycatgifts.blogspot.com/_________________________________________________________________________________________________