Monday, December 8, 2008

The Ultimate Gift Part2

I have finally found the time to write part 2 of this post. Holiday time is just soooo crazy and stressful. I have one more holiday boutique to do this week and perhaps when it's over I can relax a little. In my last post, I mentioned two people who are kind enough to share their wealth of knowledge, give tutorials and business advice to those of us trying to promote our businesses on the Internet.
This evening I would like to mention a lovely lady whose work I featured in this post. I contacted her about featuring her work for my holiday shopping guide and wrote the feature including photos of her beautiful jewelry pieces. I have done this for many artisans and usually, but not always, receive a thank you and a nice comment on my blog. Maureen of Cosmosmoon went one step further. She made a ring just for me, which I now wear everyday . How special to receive a gift from a person I have never met just for writing a feature about her work. This act of kindness made my day wonderful and is what makes the holiday season special.