Thursday, October 25, 2007

Stack em Up!

I adore stacked rings and bracelets. These beautiful creations by Linda Chandler combine different metals, designs,and textures. Please visit Linda's shop to see more of her incredible work.

Jewelry by Linda

Linda Chandler's beautiful jewelry is sure to impress you and make you want to see more of her work. Please read what this talented artisan says about herself. "

"My passion is creating unique pieces of jewelry. I eat, sleep, drink, shop and dream of making jewelry.Linda Chandler began making jewelry even as a child and grew up designing and handcrafting one of a kind pieces. She is inspired from designs of nature to basic functional pieces and combines the two into literal works of art. Linda is a master craftsman in many facets of jewelry making. Whether it be silversmithing intricate filigree designs, weaving wire into almost impossible patterns or stone setting, her foremost enjoyment comes from the design to finish of her amazing pieces. Linda has been a vendor on Etsy for well over a year and finds it a welcome change from The traditional Art Show scene that she spent many years taking part in. She feels that Etsy is a wonderful and lucritive avenue in which to share your designs, meet fellow artisans, and share tips and techniques.
Author of "Woven Wire Jewelry" & "Getting Started Making Jewelry".

My Web Sitehttp: I love to share."