Thursday, February 7, 2008

February's Birthstone Amethyst

See these pieces and others on my website. All my jewelry is one-of-a-kind, but I am happy to custom design for you if you admire a piece that has already sold.

This is the month of the amethyst. The history and mythology behind the stone will help explain its popularity throughout the ages. Ancient Greeks believed this stone had many powers, including warding off intoxication. The stone was associated with the god of wine. Wine was often seved in amethyst goblets to protect against drunkeness. Today this stone is proported to protect against addictive behaviors and to help overcome dificulties.. Amethyst has also been associated with royalty because of its intense hues. Purple dye was quite costly to make due to its scarcity and therefore worn by queens and kings who were among the few who could afford to purchase the dye for their garments. At one time, amethyst was more valuable than diamonds!

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Claudia said...

I love the first necklace!
Is so gorgeous and wearable!!!