Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Have you Been to Crater Lake?

I haven't been there, but would sure like to visit soon. Railyuh's etsy shop is filled with beautiful prints like these. The icy tree below was taken near Crater Lake and is an 8x10 photo print. The print of the lake is part of a set of 5x7 blank notecards that are just gorgeous. Think about purchasing these as a gift or perhaps for yourself. Don't forget to check out Railyuh's blog too.


Today I am featuring the etsy shop of Railyuh. Read her bio below before visiting her exciting shop.

" While I like to experiment with a variety of crafts, photography has always been one of my first artistic loves (the other is writing). I especially enjoy landscape photography and I think the beauty I see in the natural world inspires me to fill my home with natural handmade items. I also love viewing ordinary objects from different angles and perspectives in my black and white photography. I hope sharing my images will bring a little beauty into the lives of each person that views them.Some people have asked where the name "railyuh" comes from so I thought I'd share. My first name is Aurelia (pronounced uh-rail-yuh), but I grew up going by my middle name because Aurelia was hard to spell and pronounce. By the time I was in high school a shortened version, "railyuh," became my nickname with a few close friends. It soon became my online screen name, hence my shop with items "made by Railyuh"!Feel free to visit my blog to learn more about me and to see sneak previews and updates for my shop. I'll also be featuring some of my favorite etsy shops, artists, and items there:"