Thursday, October 30, 2008

Magic, Fairy Tales, and a Sprinkle of Whimsy

The magical artwork of Victoria Vusova has captured my heart. After browsing her wonderful shop, I knew her work would be perfect to add to my HOLIDAY SHOPPING GUIDE. Her brightly colored works of art will put a smile on your face. Reminiscent of the fairy tales that enchanted me as a child , I chose these beautiful pieces to feature. Do not miss her shop at and think about making one of her pieces of art a gift for that special person on your shopping list.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Too Early for the Flu?

That's what I thought! I even have an appointment in a week or so to get my vaccine. I noticed a little scratchy feeling in my throat about a week ago, but didn't think much about it. Then it was like a small bomb went off in my nose. I've been through 3 boxes of tissues, containers of homemade chicken soup, lots of Advil, night sweats, fever and there seems to be no end in sight. I thought maybe some of my cyber friends might have a flu remedy to recommend. I thought that humor might work and have been looking a flu cartoons. Thought this one was kind of cute.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Something Special to Hold your Treasures

As you know, I have been featuring some very talented artists for my Holiday Shopping Guide and hope I can help you find something special for a loved one to make that shopping list disappear. Buying handmade items is always appreciated because your gift will be unique and probably a great match for the recipient's personality. I love today's selection because these items are one-of -kind, handmade and beautiful. Think of all the wonderful treasures you can store inside one of these gorgeous boxes. Contact the shop owner to find out about other designs which are not yet listed.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Great New Game- Cyber-Tagging!

Just received a note from a old cyber friend of mine that I had been cyber-tagged. Ooh, what a nice gesture from Phyllis M. at http:/ This a social networking game and the rules are easy.

*Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
* Don't forget to let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Facts about Me:

1. I am a recently retired school teacher who substitute from time to time and makes one-of- kind jewelry much of the time.
2. One of my favorite things to do is to travel to a new place.
3. I love Italian food and enjoy cooking as well.
4. I have the best friends possible-they are always there for me.
5. My golden retriever Sonny is feisty but very lovable and loving.
6. I am surrounded by males- my wonderful husband and 2 sons and of course Sonny.
7. I enjoy conversing with my cyber pals.

I am tagging:

Cryztalvisions Creation
Unique Women
A Breath of French Air
Glitter Star

Friday, October 24, 2008

Home for the Holidays

I love being in my home for the holidays. It's warm and cozy by the fireplace, delicious food is readily available and wonderful aromas fill the air. My home is comfortable and decorated with art that I enjoy seeing every day. Many years ago my brother brought me a painting done on plaster which he found on a trip to Greece. It looked as though it had come straight from the walls of an ancient dwelling. That painting was one of my favorite gifts and still is to this very day. A gift of art can be very special and become an item that adds to the beauty and warmth of a home. The shop of Lupe at carries beautiful prints and paintings that would make a lovely addition to a home. The print she calls Visions of Home is the one that first caught my eye . The girl you see through the door could be me coming in from my garden. It inspired such a feeling of warmth and tranquility in me that I had to add this artist to my HOLIDAY SHOPPING GUIDE.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Getting Married in the Morning Cake Toppers

I haven't been adding as many items as I would like to my handmade HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE because I have been looking for unique and interesting choices . My choices for today ,vary in price according to the amount of detail the artist puts into her creations. When I stumbled upon these amazing cake toppers, I wished I had a wedding coming up in our family. What an amazing gift for a bride and groom or someone celebrating a special anniversary or event! The artist fashions her little polymer clay caricatures after the photo that you provide to her. The results are whimsical and delightful, as you can see here. She also carries Christmas ornaments, jewelry displays, market totes and other unique items in her shop. She is truly a talented artisan.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

3 Pairs of Lovely Little Earrings that Won't Break the Bank

With the holidays rapidly approaching we are all thinking about gifts for people that will stay within our budgets. I chose three pairs of earrings from my etsy shop that will put a smile on your lady's face and will keep you smiling too. All are made with genuine stones and quality findings. I used carnelian, quartz, moonstone, pearls, prehnite,copper, gold vermeil, and sterling silver to make these one-of-a-kind unique earrings. These items will be sent in a lovely pouch or little gift box, if you prefer. Please visit my shop to purchase these earrings or other one-of-kind jewelry designs.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Handmade Jewelry Findings

Do you have a jewelry designer on your shopping list? One of the most thoughtful gifts I received in recent years was a gift certificate to my one of my favorite bead stores. The shop of carries handmade jewelry findings that will complement many types of jewelry designs. This etsy shop has many different styles of ear wires and some very pretty clasps. I am sure the artisan on your list would love these wonderful handmade supplies.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ginger Peach, Pomegranate,Chocolate Orange, Margarita

No, these are not the names of my favorite drinks. They are yummy sounding lip balms by These and other incredibly wonderful sounding soaps and soy candles all found in this etsy shop would make an excellent gift item this holiday season. All the soaps are made with high quality products which contain no animal fats. alcohol, sulfates, or harsh detergents. they are very mild and excellent for sensitive skin. Only the freshest and best ingredients are used in these handmade items.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Just for Tots

Start your holiday shopping early and buy handmade! I have been searching the web to feature some wonderful gift items for your friends and family and will be posting here right through December. I remember when my boys were little I was a big fan of onesies (a one piece baby size tee shirt) because they were easy to put on and were soft and comfortable for my babies. I discovered some really cute ones in the shop of This shop carries burp cloths,blankets and other handmade items which just might be perfect for the people on your list. There are some adorable items for big brothers and sisters too.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tooth Fairy Pillows

Are you looking for a handmade gift for your little one or perhaps a grandchild ? These very special handmade tooth fairy pillows are so adorable. The designer offers many choices for boys and girls. The are filled with non allergenic material. Here are a few of my choices. Visit the shop and see for yourself.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Handmade Holiday Shopper's Guide

There is nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect gift for all those lucky people on your holiday gift list. I have been buying handmade items from wonderful artisans for many years. Sure, I do hit a few malls and maybe even Bloomingdale's during my holiday shopping trips, but most of the time I start buying early at craft shows that I attend or from one line sites that sell handmade. The gifts I find in these places get the biggest smiles and are the ones my friends and family still talk about. I thought it might be nice to give my readers some suggestions, shops to visit and helpful hints to make your shopping experience pleasant and easy. I am beginning with an artist whose work I have admired on etsy for a long time. His work appeals to me because it is very modern and has a strength and beauty that is quite unique. His art is done in steel and other metals like copper and aluminum. Although his shop carries mostly jewelry, Tim also designs sculptures, furniture and other interesting items some of which I chose to represent here. Please visit his etsy shop at You can read more about his work on his blogs. and

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sterling Silver Wirework

My extensive hours of reading blogs and looking at artisan's etsy shops have really paid off! I was fortunate enough to find the amazing blog of Contrariwise Ramblings at and subscribed to it immediately. First of all this blog makes me smile. The author has a great sense of humor and writes with a very personal tone that makes you feel like you have known her for years. Secondly, she has some great tips and tutorials on her blog. In other words, in my humble opinion, it is everything a blog should be !
Besides having a wonderful blog, this artistic lady does some amazing things with wire work sterling silver jewelry as you can clearly see. Take a look at her wonderful work at

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Brick House Full of Novelty Fabrics

BRICK HOUSE FABRICS is a wonderful etsy shop that features a multitude of novelty fabrics. From companies such as Schumacher, Braemore, Covington and P. Kaufmann these novelty fabrics showcase a person's interests, hobbies, and maybe even memories. Do you collect SPODE
CHINA? If so then you may love the fabric shown here. I love flowers, especially tropical hibiscus, which is why I chose to feature this fabric. The shop has so many choices you are bound to find one you love.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mary Janes N' Hightops

If you are looking for some really unique and cute items for newborns and toddlers then you must visit the shop of You will find the most darling shoes and other delightful items for the littlest people on your gift lists. I went wild over the items I chose to show here and there are many other offerings in this great etsy shop. Here is the shop announcement.
"PinkMarshmallow's Shop Announcement
Welcome to the Pink Marshmallow Boutique!We offer offer unique and trendy boutique-style items for newborn, infants, and toddlers. In our sweet & trendy shop, you will find items like satin tied mary jane shoes with coordinating appliqued tops, infant lounge sets, big girl lounge sets, decoupaged shoes and more treasures. We specialize in wonderful and unique items for babies and children, as well as stylish items for mom. We pride ourselves on having unique selections and are always creating new and spectacular items to sell in our little Etsy Shop. Check in Daily as each day, we will be adding more items!** Halloween and Christmas selections are in the works! If you have anything special that you would like to match or to see, convo! I'd love to chat **"

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Poetry in Motion

I have just had the most pleasant visit to the shop of Jennifer Gordon, writer and mixed media artist. Her beautiful work is for sale on etsy at where you will find original works of art , prints, illustrations, journals, cards, mirrors and jewelry. Her prints have an ethereal look about them , many featuring women who appear to be lost in deep thought. It was hard to choose the photos I wanted to feature here because I liked them all. I chose Amelia as one of them because she was a woman I greatly admire. These beautiful works of art are truly poetry in motion.

Origami Art

The etymology of the word origami comes from "oru" meaning folding and "kami" which means paper. This amazing art form originated early in Japan's history with Samurai warriors exchanging folded paper gifts to express good wishes and with origami butterflies that were used in wedding celebrations to represent the bride and groom. The etsy shop of has adorable origami people called "meekiyua" that the artist uses to adorn tags, door hangers, stationary,dolls, and totes. I chose a couple of my favorites to show you, but please visit this delightful shop to read about "meekiyua" and the history behind these wonderful little people.

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Touch of Whimsy

Get in touch with your bohemian side and take a look at the wonderful shop of . I am sure you will be delighted with the wonderful items in this shop . The lovely clutch bags you see here are made with made pieces of fabric and decorated with sequins and other embellishments. These bags are perfect to carry your necessities and have a shabby chic turned elegant look about them. This shop also carries handmade brooches and Christmas items. All the pieces are handmade by the artist . Here is her bio.
"After working for many years in the retail industry I am now working part/time and designing and creating my pieces of textile work.Art, craft and design have always been a huge interest to me. Evident from the years spent studying various courses at art college.Inspired by textures, lines, mark making and especially colour, ideas for the creation of pieces are gathered from the surrounding flora and fauna in the English countryside.I use a combination of new materials and a lot of fabric fragments to create my accessories. Creating items that are unique and individual out of beautiful remnants of fabric. A process that is hugely satisfying for me as a designer-maker and for those that purchase my 'one of a kind' items. It also means that my items have a much 'greener' outlook to them by using what would have been otherwise discarded fragments of fabric to create them.meplusmolly is inspired by my Nan Molly, an extraordinarily stylish lady who had an accessory for every outfit and every occasion!If you would like to enquire about custom orders or trade prices then please don't hesitate to contact me.

Happy browsing x"

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

For Your Littlest Lady

Little girls love pocketbooks. They enjoy carrying their belongings around in their bags just like mom. The etsy shop adorable skirts and matching tote bags for the little ladies in your life. Her handmade Halloween tote may just be the perfect treat for the upcoming holiday-sure to put a smile on a cute little face!

Substitute Teachers

I am currently a substitute teacher and let me tell you this is not an easy thing to do. Having taught my own classroom for many years and then becoming a teaching assistant, I have had over 25 years experience in the classroom. Although I have taught almost every grade level from kindergarten through grade 8, nothing is quite like subbing. As soon as the kids see you walk into the room, their mischievous eyes light up with glee. They all have the same goal . What can we do to make this woman's life miserable? Of course , I let them know right away that they are messing with the wrong lady, but at times it can be quite a challenge.
Today while browsing through this delightful etsy shop, I found the perfect journal , entitled Substitute Teacher and laughed out loud when I looked at the teacher's face. I can relate! This shop has some wonderful prints, postcards and journals which would make wonderful gift items. If you know a substitute teacher, make her day and buy this wonderful handmade journal. I am sure she/he will love it.