Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What to Do for the Flu

This article was written by a good friend and colleague, Donald McKinnon.

Eucalyptus scented handmade natural palm wax pillar candle

A handmade natural palm wax pillar candle can be the perfect gift during the cold and flu season. This is especially true for a natural palm wax pillar candle scented with the fragrance Eucalyptus. The aromatic natural palm wax pillar candle is 3 inches in diameter, 4 1/2 inches tall and weighs approximately one pound. In this candle, I combined premium Eucalyptus candle fragrance oil with a pure natural Eucalyptus essential oil and added the 50/50 blend to the natural palm wax at a level equal to 6% of the total wax weight. This is the maximum recommended by the manufacturer. During cold and flu season, this candle can make breathing much more comfortable for some people. You see, the koala bear is not the only mammal that craves this aromatic leaf and its oil. People love this scent also, for opening up sinuses and clearing a stuffy head during the cold and flu season. The hot and cold scent throw is very good. After lighting the candle, the fragrance will find it way into every corner of a small room. The rich lime green color of this candle combines with the silvery lime green surface crystal formations common to this very special premium natural palm wax pillar blend. Palm wax is excellent for making pillars. The candles will burn with no soot or smoke, and longer than similar size paraffin candles. I love the unique surface features characteristic for this type of wax. Each candle is one of a kind with its fine detailed surface crystal patterns. When burning a palm wax pillar keep the wick centered within the candle diameter and burn no more than 2 – 2 1/2 hours at a time for a 3 inch diameter candle. Allow the candle to cool then trim the wick to approximately 3/16 to 1/4 inches if needed. Since the wicks I use are engineered to self trim I recommend trimming only when absolutely necessary. A wall will remain as the candle burns down allowing the light from the flame to produce an interesting effect as it shines through the crystal laden walls and candle body. Eventually as the candle burns down the walls will slowly erode leaving little waste. Any unburned wax can be used in a wax heater and the wonderful aromas will continue for those of you wanting to get 100% use from your natural palm wax pillar candle purchase. I use this candle in my indoor studio (back room) where I package, and wrap candles. The candle works great for me when I get a "stuffy" nose. It gently opens up my sinus's. I think the candle is sweeter and not as harsh smelling with this 50/50 blend. Stop by my store and look at this candle and my other candles. There is a great deal to see.