Saturday, January 31, 2009

If You are in Sarasota - part 2

If you are visiting Sarasota, Florida don't miss the fabulous museum ,grounds and home of John and Mable Ringling. My last post gives a little information about the Ringlings and their lives. I showed you some photos of the grounds and the exterior of the magnificent Ca d'Zan. (house of John) If those impressed you, the interior of this home is truly incredible. John and Mable had traveled extensively and modeled their home after the beautiful palaces and grand hotels of Venice. I took photos of their bedrooms, living room ,bathrooms and especially the ceilings which are breathtaking. The artist who painted the ceiling depicted the dance styles of the era in the corners. Stained glass windows of different colors were used for some of the windows so that the different colors would reflect on the floors of the mansion. The bathrooms were amazingly modern for their time. You will be happy you spent a day at the Ringling museum to admire these beautiful treasures of our history.