Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Art of Journaling

Many people keep a daily journal of their thoughts,feelings , and events in their lives. Some people ,like myself ,journal when traveling to remember every wonderful detail of their trip. Whether you journal or plan to in the near future, Michael's books will be a very special place to keep your innermost thoughts. please visit for brightly darjeerlingpaper colored paper cards and lovely journals. Don't forget to read Michael's blog.


Today I am featuring Michael Gresh's beautiful etsy shop darjeerlingpaper. Please read about the artisit in his bio below.

"My name is Michael Gresh, and I am a man of many trades. Designer of hotels by day, craft inventor and schemer by night. I am a self-proclaimed "paper nut", and my work hopefully shows just that.I am co-owner of DemiGod Studio, an ecclectic duo of craft & art show afficionados. When I'm not working on plans to open our very own shop, I bide my time coming up with new and inventive ways to use up the stockpile of paper I've accumulated over the years.I started Darjeeling Paper, Ltd. as a way to showcase my paper goods, and to distinguish my works as a new product division of DemiGod.Viva La Independante!"