Sunday, April 27, 2008

Proud to Present my Latest Creations!

These are two of my latest creations with wire wrapping. I learned wire working techniques and methods from Master Artisan, Sharilyn Miller, at her Wild Wire Women Retreat, at her home in Idyllwild, California (see my previous posts). Her wonderful books and DVDs are available on her website. Add these to your collection and perhaps you will be inspired to take one of Sharilyn's wonderful workshops. I did and couldn't be happier with the results.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Cat Lovers

Even if you are not a cat lover, you will fall in love with Sharilyn Miller's exquisite pets. Their names are Sparkle and Rosie. I fell in love with these gentle and unusual cats when I spent time in Idyllwild,Ca. at Sharilyn's wild women's bead retreat. Please read my previous post and come back soon to see the wonderful pieces of jewelry that I learned to make during my four amazing days at Sharilyn's home.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wild Wire Women Retreats

I have just returned to New York from a two week trip to California. The first part of this adventure was the most interesting and challenging. Not long before my departure, I purchased a wonderful wire working book Bead on a Wire by Sharilyn Miller. As a jewelry designer, I am always looking for new techniques and classes. New to wire work, I found Sharilyn's book well written and easy to follow. I decided to take a look at her website. When I looked at the photos of her picturesque home in Idyllwild, California I was intrigued by the monthly retreats she offers in her home. I signed up and started to email the other women who had joined as well.
Sharilyn is an excellent hostess and a master artisan, making this an outstanding experience. She provided 3 full days of lessons and wonderful breakfasts,lunches and snacks each day. The delicious first evening's dinner at a wonderful local restaurant was provided by Sharilyn as well. Each afternoon the aroma of freshly baked cookies filled the air as we were hard at work on our creations. The scenery and wildlife surrounding us in this beautiful mountain home could not have been more welcoming and relaxing. The other three women Jill, Grayce and Teresa who joined this retreat were just wonderful and we all had an amazing time together in Sharilyn's home. We are hoping to have a reunion next year. If you are looking for fullfilling, relaxing and reasonable wire working classes in an atmosphere that is truly breathtaking, then don't miss this experience.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Rock a Bye Baby

If you are looking for some adorable items for your baby or need to purchase a baby gift, you have come to the right place. CuddleBaby has adorable handmde blankets,onesies, bibs and other items for infants. The fabrics used for these items are whimsical and brightly colored. Check out this darling shop today for all your babies needs.

Cuddle Baby

I just visited the delighful of cuddlebaby and her is what she has to say about herself.

"Thanks for visiting CuddleBaby! I specialize in making baby to toddler blankets and other items for your little one. I think it's important for every baby to have at least one blanket that is handmade. That's where I come in! I'm continually coming up with new ideas and finding more fun fabrics, so check back often for different colors and designs. So, take a look around. I hope you like what you see. If you have a specific kind of fabric in mind, let me know and I'd love to do a custom order for you. I'm in the process of adding onesies, bibs, burp cloths and pacifier clips that match many of my blankets. So check back often for these fun gift ideas.* Please visit my profile for my shop policies.** I do custom orders!*****************************************************************Proud Member of:Etsybaby, Etsykids, Etsymom, Designing Swanky Moms (DSM)****************************************************************Check out my blog! CuddleBaby was created out of a passion making blankets and other items for my two children. It all started with my first baby. I liked to swaddle her, but couldn't ever find blankets big enough. So, with my 2nd, I started making my own. I began thinking that others might like large blankets also, so I began selling blankets at our local Gardener's Market until I found out about ETSY. I am always looking for new ideas, so keep checking back for new colors, fabrics and designs."