Saturday, December 29, 2007

Post Holiday Stress

Are you stressed out form the holiday hustle and bustle? Aromatic Body Oils wonderful etsy shop may have the perfect solution. You've pampered everyone else during this holiday season. Now it's time to think about yourself. Check out these wonderful items and other great products in Aromatic Body Oils great etsy shop .

Aromatic Body Oils

Today's feature is on Aromatic Body Oils. This is the perfect shop to visit now after the holiday stress. Please read the owner's information and bio below:
"We make:

Whipped Shea Butters

Cold Processed Handmade Soaps

Hot Processed Body Washes


Body Butters


Perfumes and Colognes


Skin Care Products that promote clear healthy skin!

And so much more.

Be sure to bookmark my Etsy store, and visit

for more updates and information.

If there is a fragrance on the market that you are looking for but I do not have listed, I can order it in for you on any request of $30 or more for that fragrance. I can also list multiple items for you in one quick item.

You can reach my 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at

I ship anywhere in the world. I ask for 7 working days to create, pack and ship your order. This also gives you time to have the opportunity to add to your order and for me to combine shipping on your items.

I go to school full time (senior in college.) I am a mother of 2, married to a wonderful heartthrob of a man who puts up with my 8 hours of whipping, slicing and dicing up everything except food (he's the cook in this house, thank goodness or we would all go hungry or attempt to eat whipped shea butter and slices of soap on crackers.) I sell on 4 different venues online, which equates to over a hundred packages or more a week that need to go out the door. Its a lot of juggling trying to keep everyone happy, but I promise to always try. I pack all orders during the weekend and make one day a week my shipping day. Otherwise everything else including school, family, and other business aspects etc get neglected and I crash and nothing gets accomplished. As much as I wish I could have an assembly line of robots packing orders and printing shipping labels 24 hours a day, that just is not possible. These 2 hands of mine do it all, right from the beginning, I do not use bases, melt and pour soap bases, or lotions and body washes that come in huge 50 pound buckets. I am not knocking those who do, but I personally choose not to. There is just a certain level of joy in being able to take basic ingredients and turning them into something totally different. I guess its the chemist in me. I make it all from scratch, which takes time and a lot of patience, but I love being able to provide you with quality products made with my love and carefully thought out, tried, and tested recipes, because you deserve only the best for your skin.Due to the nature of my products, I do not accept returns as items do have to be thrown away since they cannot be resold. If you have a problem with something that you receive, please let me know so that we can work something out. I am not all about pretty packaging or cute pink boxes with polka dots, etc etc. I try to recycle supplies as best I can to help the environment. My labeling is simple, elegant, and attractive. The color cartridge on my printer is not my friend, so I try to not use it often. Who wants to spend $50 a week to spend on ink cartridges and toners?! I do not often send business cards, rather I prefer to print out a small note on recycled paper. I would much rather put the money I could be spending on super cute packaging into more ingredients for my products, and in turn be able to offer you more items.I am addicted to smelling good, which is why I have so many fragrances in stock. There is an entire room here devoted to just my fragrance and essential oils, and we are looking to expand soon to make room for more. My family has been in the fragrance industry for over 20 years, so I have access to so many fragrances and so many sources, so if you are looking for something in particular, you have come to the right place. Enjoy your stay here at ZAJA, and please feel free to ask any questions that you may have. I am so happy that you have discovered my shop, and I hope that you find great products here that you will want to try out!"