Sunday, March 29, 2009

Name That Stone!

I purchased these wonderful matte finished beads from a dealer at the Tucson gem and jewelry show in February . He told me that the green and yellowish stones were jade from Afghanistan. I loved the colors and shapes and the stones were so reasonable, I decided to purchase the strands you see above. Recently , at The Whole Bead Show in Manhattan and saw the very same beads and the dealer told me that the stones were serpentine. If any of my readers out there can identify these stones I would be greatly appreciative. Tomorrow I will feature the lovely Serpentine or Jade necklace I made with these stones.


Brian said...

I would say you have serpentine there, frequently sold as jade and usually at a VERY reasonable price, the tip off. I did the same thing years ago in Tucson with really great priced aquamarines, turns out they were really blue onyx.

Those are really beautiful beads, look forward to seeing what you make!

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