Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Taste Of Brazil

I have enjoyed browsing the the shops of Bebe de Soares. Her Contasbrasil and Contascoeln shops feature unique and colorful items with a Brazilian flavor. The bag you see below is one of the beautiful items in her shop. I love the "waterfall" necklaces like the one in the photo. The jewelry comes in unique gift bags. Don't miss Bebe's blog.


Bebê de Soares said...

Thank you Dina, what a nice feature! I just want to point out that Contasbrasil and ContasKoeln are both shops from me and my sister Suzy Wortberg. I am though the one that is doing the 90/90 Features challenge. The ContasKoeln blog belongs to me too.
Suzy is right now quite busy with the oppening of her new Atelier/shop next thursday here in Köln!!
Thank you again, most exciting to see all these different features!!!
All the best,
Bebê de Soares

Darjeeling Paper said...

Great post! Love the photo picks, and the commentray's very well written!


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