Friday, October 12, 2007

Ren Adams

Today I am featuring Ren Adams who does exquisite artwork in in Chinese brush painting, oil, acrylic, and mixed media. Please read what she says about her work below:

"I am located in Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA).I offer fun, philosophical, and intriguing artwork and crafts--for the discerning (and playful) collector. I work in a variety of mediums: mixed media assemblages, pencil, marker, acrylic, Chinese brush painting, watercolor, oil pastel, pen & ink, etc. I find something special and engaging about each artistic method and I take every medium seriously.I enjoy the local and online arts communities. Long live the arts!

About Ren Adams

I've been doing artwork my entire life (even scribbled in my own baby book) and for me, it's more than a "hobby" or "job" it's a state of mind and a fulfilling pathway. I can't NOT do it. I simply must. If I'm not drawing, painting, or otherwise expressing myself (however badly), I'm not in harmony with everything around me.Art is a sensation, a sense of humor, a sense of elation, a tantalizing window... it's pure energy, pure thought, and pure darkness, and pure light.I explore themes, people, and places that intrigue me...I'm also a Taoist and a lot of my artwork reflects my spiritual pathway (the art of compassion, simplicity, and patience). I practice Qi Gong meditation and enjoy artists who aren't afraid to be themselves."

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